Here at Qawameen Islamic Aid we hold Islam very dearly, not only for ourselves, but also others. The best ways this beautiful message and religion spreads is through Da’wah. Let us look a little at what Da’wah is:

Dawah means to call and/or invite to. Islamically it means to call and invite to the implementation Allah’s religion ﷻ.

Allah said in the Quraan “Say (o’Muhammed) this is my path, I invite to Allah upon clear knowledge” – Yusuf: 108

Those who engage in this blessed Deed are described as the best of people by Allah, as He says, “And who is better in speech than the one who calls to Allah, does righteous deeds and says Indeed I am among the Muslims” – Fussilat: 33

Allah also honoured this Ummah by saying “You are the best nation raised up for mankind, you enjoin righteousness, forbid corruption and you believe in Allah” – Aali-‘Imraam : 110

So, if Allah ﷻ said we are the best of nations because we engage in this blessed act then what are we to be if we don’t?

Some of the best words any human can utter are those that call others towards guidance!

We learn from the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ that the one who directs someone to good will have the same reward as the one who does it.

Part of our fundamental beliefs is to obey the Messenger ﷺ and Follow him, Allah ﷻ said “Say, If you love Allah then Follow me”. The Prophet ﷺ has also been recorded to have said, “All of my Ummah will enter Jannah, except those who refuse” So it was said “And who would refuse (such a thing)”, He replied “Whoever obeys me enters Jannah, and whomever disobeys me has refused”.

Da’wah was the main responsibility of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and all of the Prophets before him and so we as Muslims we are obliged to undertake the Prophets path.

Thus, Dawah is regarded by the scholars as obligatory upon every Muslim (sane, mature and able) to the best of their ability. The Prophet ﷺ is recorded to have said “Convey from me even if it be one verse” – Bukhaari.

Allah ﷻ also orders through the Prophet ﷺ to us in the Quraan saying “ Ordained to you from the Deen (religion) is what we have enjoined on Nuh (Noah), and what we have enjoined on you which we enjoined on Ibrahim (Abraham) and Musa (Moses) and Issa (Jesus), to establish Deen (on earth) and do not divide in it. – Ash-Shurra -13

Like any obligation, Da’wah is rewarded for when performed but could be punished for when neglected. From the punishment stated by Allah in The Glorious Quran, “Indeed those who hide the clear messages and guidance that I have revealed after I have made clear to the people of the scripture, those are cursed by Allah and cursed by all those who curse” Al Baqarah – 159

The Prophet ﷺ further stressed this by saying “whoever hides knowledge by which Allah benefits people in their affairs of religion, Allah will brand him on the day of judgment with a brand from the Hellfire” – Sunan Abi Dawud

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