LEBANON Ramadan campaign 2021

We are asking all our brothers and sisters to continue to support our campaign. The situation is only getting worse and we are finding it difficult to cover all those we have registered.
Our target is:
4000 food and cleaning parcels 📦
Let’s keep the donations coming.
The food and sanitary parcels include*:
2kg Rice
1kg Lentils
2kg Chickpeas
2kg Burgal
1kg Sugar
1kg Salt
2 Packs of Pasta
2 Packs of Egg Noodles
1 Pack Zaatar
1 Tahini
1 Tomatoes Paste
2 Litres of Oil
1kg Ghee
2 Packets of Cheese
Washing Powder
Sanitary pads
*disclaimer: QIA will guarantee the value of each parcel will be that which is donated although the variety of items may vary depending of availability as there is a shortage in some products.