Little Girl in Gambia.

Ummi (not real name) is bright and intelligent eight year old little girl in Gambia. Her smile never fades even though she has been struggling immensely. She remembers how her parents were finding it difficult to earn a living and also provide for Ummi. Like many other children in Gambia, she was involved in child labor to support the family. Poor weather conditions affected her father’s ability to earn a proper income through farming. Very recently Ummi lost both her parents to a disease. She was devastated and felt lost.

Ummi is one of 41 orphans who is being sponsored by Qawameen in collaboration with the African government. She wants to be “a teacher”. Her passion to teach children comes from her realisation and understanding on how important education is to children. She feels that it has benefited her and would want other children to get the same benefits. She is very grateful to the people who have given their hard earned money as donation to Qawameen and supported Qawameen allowing her to come to this journey from a very devastating situation.

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